Quotes Dear Kenny, Your love for the sport is unparrelleled. The gym YOU built was from the heart and never can be copied....I am one of the luckiest men alive to have shared our friendship for so long. Your a class act and all HEART KENNY.Many should learn from your example....your lifelong friend Henri Skibasgym Quotes
Henri Skiba
Owner Skiba's Gym

Quotes I always lift here when I?m in town. Serious gym and nice folks. Quotes
Michael Patrick
Maryland firefighter

Quotes Kenny and the guys are welcoming and very helpful and supportive. it was our first meeting and they made us feel like family. I've never seen so much useful equipment any where. Unbelievable gym! A must see! Quotes
Jim "EDGE" Edgerton
Master Powerlifter

Quotes I've never in my 46 years of powerlifting and strength training life seen a gym this equipped with some the most unique and rare equipment in my life. The gym is is great mix of yesterday and the 21st century latest gear. The training and community is what even makes a great place to train and grow...the coaches are bar none the best at what they do. Quotes
Chuck Enriques
Former Bench press Champion

Quotes Training at the Institute of Iron has improved my body composition,stamina and overall strength. Each workout was new and raised the bar in my training. Being a collegiate wrestler it is often difficult to get in the work needed to improve. Quotes
Kyle T
D I college wrestler

Quotes As a mom , athlete and working a full time job ,it is often difficult to strength train. The Institute Of Iron makes training fun as well as productive. Workouts are short ,intense and fill the gaps allowing me to continue in a sport that I have enjoyed for over 30 years Quotes
Darlene T
-4th degree Blackbelt - Isshin Shorin Ji Ryu Okinawa Te System

Quotes If you could picture a gym...the perfect gym, what would it be? Okay, you're picturing all your favorite equipment...whether your a powerlifter, olympic lifter,strongman, track and field athlete. It's there...and if it'snot...mention will be.... What else do you see? Do you see guys there who've"been there, done that"? Guys who have decades of experience in your chosen sport(s)? Guys who are actually happy, to share with you and see you use that knowledge? Do you see not only other members, but buddies and friends? Guys that you meet a few times and makeyou feel like you've know them for years? Guys who, no matter your "status" as a lifter (beginning novice or seasoned pro) will treat you with the same amount of respect, dignity and comradery? Well, open your eyes...This is what I found at the "Institute of Iron". It's gone by many names and several places. But it's not a physical location. It's a mind set. It's a spirit that Ken Toth and his famil Quotes
Robert "Buddha" Dunkerley
Highland Games Athlete, Strongman Competitor,Powerlifter

Quotes Kenny Toth one of the toughest men I know, one thing I know he can help people build muscle and workout to get stronger. Good luck w/your gym Kenny, I know you will do well. Quotes
Jim Gallagher
Friend of program

Quotes What makes it 5 stars is the guy that owns it and all the guys that lift there. Quotes
Alan Toth

Quotes I love it been looking for a gym like this thanks Kenny for having me and my cousin nick on board Quotes
Brian Awong
Gym Member